What a heroine!

We are delighted to be able to share with you the photograph, below.  It is of Yodit, a Year 6 pupil at Derwentwater Primary School, in Acton.  She went on a sponsored silence, for a day, for the benefit of Sohm Schools Support, and her friends in the Gambian village.

Well done, and enormous thanks to you, Yodit.  You are an inspiration to us all; not the least your friends at both Derwentwater and Sohm Lower Basic Schools. All the very best to you in your new school, in September.

As a result of your efforts, we will be able to get an additional £5 from the British government.  That £20 will mean a new set of exercise books, for every one of the Year 6 equivalent pupils in Sohm, as the new school year starts in September.
Yodit, Year 6 pupil at Derwentwater School, Acton raises funds for Sohm via a sponsored silence!

Video hit

We hope you have had a chance to look at the video that our good friend Ian Wiggins shot for us in February.  It is professionally produced and only six minutes long - so give it a viewing - please.
It gives a good insight into what Sohm is like and how the money from our generous sponsors has been spent.  It also gives a few ideas on what and future donations could be spent on. 
Sit back, enjoy and reach for your wallets!!
Grand summer raffle winners
We are pleased to announce the prize winners of this summer's raffle.  We raised over £300, mainly through the generous contributions of parents, pupils and staff at Derwentwater primary school, after our attendance at their summer fair, early in July.
That money should be able to bring back into use a badly damaged classroom, whose broken windows and fragile roof have made it unsafe for use for the last two years.  Thanks to one and all.

1st Digital Camera: Canon Power Shot A810, Win: Valissya, orange no: 673

2nd Either: Harley Davidson ride, or Photo sess, Win: Mrs Smart, lilac no: 693

3rd Mrs Bridges Breakfast Set, Win Scarlett, orange no: 708

4th Sparkling White Wine & Leonidas Chocolates,  Win: Alex, orange no: 780

5th Jamie Oliver Cookbook & goody bag, Win: Tracy, orange no: 538

6th Slow Gin Liqueur & Turkish Delight, Win: Aine Ryan, white no: 228

7th 3 Bottles of Wine, Win: Sandra Teacher 6C Derwentwater, orange no:697

8th Houseplant in a basket display, Win: Harsimar pink no 451
Thanks to you all, and to the other, less lucky ticket purchasers.

Summer Auction
And, finally ... The winners of the auction for Sadlers Wells Tickets, for their autumn production of Cirque Eloize iD at the Peacock Theatre in October were .... Sandra and John Walker!  So, thanks to them for their £50 bid.  We'll be in touch soon to tell you how to pick up your tickets!

Enjoy the summer, folks


  1. This was 3 years ago but i would love to keep helping out with this charity. I have alot of books to donate and i could fundraise if you like.

    1. Yodit, you are such a star! Great to hear from you, unfortunately I don't have contact details, so can't reply directly.

      The contact that was able to give us free container space to The Gambia no longer has access to that facility, which means we cannot send materials (books etc) out there, now, without very considerable transport costs.

      So, reluctantly we can't take up your generous offer of sending your surplus books there.

      If you drop us an e.mail on: info@sohmschoolssupport.org.uk we can discuss any other offers of help. Thanks again for still thinking of us and the children in Sohm. John and Sandra