All Above Board - our legal status

UK Sohm Secondary School (The Gambia) Support Trust is a small charity registered with HM Revenue and Customs for UK Gift  Aid (ref: XT31271). This means that for the vast majority of donations made to us, we are able to claim 25% more income from the British government, if the donor signs a simple consent form.

We bank with Santander, who assist us in administering the charity, for the benefit of the children in Sohm - at no administrative cost.

Our constitution and accounts are freely available to all who seek them, from us, at the contact addresses on this site.

There are currently three trustees: Rose Phillips (chair), Sandra Walker (secretary) and John Walker (treasurer).

ALL money donated to the trust is spent directly on identified projects, for the benefit of students in Sohm.  We undertake to provide photographic evidence of the use made of all donations sent, if required. We will be happy to share these photos with donors.

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