Secondary School - the challenges

The school is relatively new and growing.  It will start to cater for all age groups for the first time in the autumn of 2013.

Examination results, however, are poor.  Hardly surprising, in the circumstances, described below, so we are working to help improve them.

A year ago there were few books for the older students, at the school.  The Book Fund we have established has now provided enough books for all senior students to have shared access to a key textbook in all subjects, in all lessons, in future. We are looking to extend this scheme to the school's younger pupils.

By European standards, teacher skills are low in Sohm.  We have taken steps to address this by supporting teachers on external courses and by facilitating a two-day training session for all the village's teachers, on lesson planning, in February 2013. We are looking to build on this start, in future years.

There are no laboratories in the school, so science teaching is limited. There are few opportunities for practicals and experiments. We are looking for donations of reasonable quality equipment necessary for secondary school science practicals, which we should be able to ship to Sohm, free of charge.  If you have access to such equipment, or know a school that may wish to donate surplus equipment, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

The school does not have mains electricity and only has a small number of, rather dated, computers. There is no internet access in the village. We are looking to address some of these gaps, and prevent Sohm falling behind in a rapidly developing world, by seeking donations of old laptops, with working batteries.

If you are upgrading your existing model, or switching to a tablet and find your current laptop is surplus to requirements - give us a call and we will come and pick it up and ensure it is safely sent to Sohm.  This will aid with your disposal and help young life chances in Africa!

Old PCs need replacing, your upgraded laptop would be a great help

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