Education - who does what

Gambia's education system is based on the British system. It has:

  • Six years of primary school - grades 1-6. Sohm Lower Basic School is the main provider in our area
Students in year 6 at Sohm Lower Basic School

  • Three years of Junior Secondary School.  Many students in Sohm have travelled to the near-by Kofutu for this, but as the village's senior school is developing are being educated in Sohm. 
  • Three years of Senior Secondary School - years 10 -12, the Sohm Senior's School's traditional function.

Public examinations are taken at the end of Year 6, and we have helped the Lower Basic School prepare for these both last and this year.  They are also taken at the end of Year 9 - prior to the intake joining the Senior Secondary School, and at year 12 - the end of the formal school education.

The examination pass rates of pupils entering the Senior Secondary School are currently poor, as are those when they leave it.  Addressing this, in the future, is a priority for our charity.

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