More Sponsorship

Sohm Schools Support currently assists a dozen local youngsters' education.  We are looking to increase this number in future. We have simplified the system - by averaging out costs over a school life -  so that for £5 per month sponsors can support a child's education in the village. This will meet all educational costs, plus some limited social support (school lunches and uniforms).

This can make a huge difference to local youngsters.  For ease of administration, we'd prefer if you could pay by standing order (monthly, quarterly or annually), and would prefer a long term commitment.

In exchange for your support, you will transform a young life and get a framed photograph of your student, a letter from them and a copy of their school report, each year.

What a great Christmas or birthday present for "the person who has everything" - the transformation of the life of an African youngster!

Sandra with some of the dozen students whose education we are helping to sponsor

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