Increasing Text Book Supply

We have already supplied a range of core curriculum text books for parts of the upper school. We have made it clear that these are not the property of the students, but loans to them, to be passed on to future years intakes.

Our ideal would be to get to a system when a book loan system could be up and running that is self sustaining, as students contribute, by way of small loan fees to replenishing the stock. This will not always be possible, because of real local poverty.

Supplies of text books being delivered to the school - more required!

So, we will work with the school, to ensure that no student is denied access to necessary textbooks on grounds of financial difficulty.

It is our aim to establish a school books fund to ensure this goal is met. It is likely to require an investment of £5,000 to establish, with a regular annual top up sum of around £1,000. Your help with this would be very welcome!

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