Helping Students From Outlying Areas

As a rural school, Sohm Secondary attracts students from quite a large geographic area. There is no effective, reliable, local public transport - and in any case the school is mile and a half from the nearest main road. So journeys on foot of over an hour each way to and from school, in the blistering heat, are not uncommon.

UK charity, Jole Rider ( supplied 100 bikes to the school a number of years ago. These are loaned to students for the year and then repaired ready for the next batch of students. Testimonies to how grateful Sohm has been for this gift flow on a regular basis.

Students arriving at school on bikes supplied by Jole Rider

This has enabled large numbers of pupils to attend the school, who would otherwise have been unable to do so.

Now the school is doubling in size, the need for bikes has increased, accordingly. We are working with Jole Rider, to see if they can meet the increased demand, with more bikes for the growing school.

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