Secondary School Report - who goes

There are currently 263 pupils at the Senior Secondary School, most of whom are in years 10 - 12 (older teenagers). Since 2011, a year 7 has been introduced to the school, and within three years the roll will have risen to over 400 pupils, and offer education for 13 - 18 year olds in Sohm and its surrounding area.

54% of the pupils are boys and 46% girls. They come from nine different ethnic or tribal groups, each with its own language. Jola and Mandinka are the largest of them, and account for two thirds of the pupils.

Boys, girls, Christian and Moslem, from different ethnic and language groups learning together

Although English is the official language of the country and the school, many pupils speak an African language as their first one, at home.

It is a secular school. About 60% of the pupils follow the Islamic faith and 30% are Christian.

The school is, however, fully integrated in terms of gender, ethnicity, language and religion. All pupils and their needs are treated with equality and respect.

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