Working with the Lower Basic School

The Lower Basic School in Sohm is much longer established than the Senior School, with an experienced staff and a very inspirational head. It benefits from more state aid than secondary schools (e.g. supply of books etc), so is not in as great a need of outside financial support as the senior secondary school.

Sandra mobbed, as she visits Sohm Lower Basic School,
we'll be helping - with your support!

It is however, one of the feeder schools to the Senior Secondary School, and so we will assist the school in smaller ways, to lay a strong foundation for those who will become the senior schools' students, in years to come.

We have already provided some help (sponsoring some of the pupils, paying for exam papers etc) and will be offering teacher training support for the staff next spring.

We will continue to support the school, in other ways, if we are convinced it will be to the longer term advantage of those who attend Sohm Senior Secondary School.

Every penny donated to this charity is spent directly on improving the education of Gambian youngsters.

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