Curriculum - what is taught

The Gambian school curriculum would be familiar to most people with an understanding of British secondary education. English, Maths and General Science are taught as core subjects. Other subjects taught include Agricultural Science, Metalwork and Woodwork, Social and Environmental Studies and Home Science.

Most of the older pupils come from feeder junior secondary schools, some miles away. The standard of education and levels of achievement, as measured by national exam results, is pretty low. It is a priority of our charity to address this weak performance at the feeder schools and to seek a higher level of attainment.

The curriculum is a West Africa wide one, originating from Nigeria, where most of the core textbooks are published. Much of the course content is still, however, very UK-orientated.

Offering curriculum support, through teaching aids

The Gambian government provide some textbooks for pupils in schools up to grade 9. But not for the vast majority of pupils at our school. Few of the pupils can afford them, so a major priority of our charity is to address this need and help with the supply of textbooks.

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