Developing Physical Education

A most exciting project!

School inspection reports have identified a need for the senior school to provide better physical education - a key part of the School Development Plan. There is no currently adequate playing field or football pitch in the school, or its surrounds.

Football training coming to Sohm soon, thanks to Football Gambia

We are working closely with a UK charity, Football Gambia (, to address this. They will bring a team of football coaches and a supply of donated football kit to Sohm next January and kit-out students and provide training for them.

The village is very excited! They are preparing a pitch for event and we will pay for the materials for pupils to construct goal posts etc. for the event.

The result? All the success factors of overseas aid will be achieved. There is a local ownership for the initiative, there will be a skills transference and the basis for legacy will be laid.

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