School Needs - what we are trying to do

To Western eyes Sohm has many pressing needs, in terms of education, health, employment diversity, social provisions, transport, fuel, web connectivity, diet, agricultural improvements etc.

We are realistic, we cannot help with everything. We are exclusively concerned with education in the village.

We ask a single question to all requests for support in the village "How will this help improve the education for the schools' students?" If we and the principal don't get a convincing response to the question, reluctantly we will not support the plea for assistance - difficult as this often is.

Our priorities are:

  • upgrading the skills of the teaching staff;
  • getting electricity to the school;
  • increasing the availability of key educational equipment and books in the school;

Regional Education Director, Babucarr Suwareh and Principal Ishmaila Sambou, examining a microscope. More equipment like this, urgently needed!

  • developing educational opportunities, through structured extra-curricular activities;
  • assisting students to travel to and from school, from outlining areas;
  • enhancing the living conditions for staff living on site; and
  • improving the educational performance of all of the schools' pupils.

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